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BPCI-Advanced Convener

Signature Care Management provides a shared risk model for hospitals and physician group practices to participate in Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI)-Advanced, a voluntary Medicare bundled payment program. Sign up today for NO RISK OR COST to receive your financial opportunity in the program. 

Why Bundles?

BPCI-Advanced features 32 clinical episodes including cardiac and orthopedics. Physicians have an opportunity to generate more revenue on top of their fee schedule, while enhancing patient outcomes as we move into value-based care contracts. 

CareMosaic IT Software

An award-winning IT case management and data analytics software solution developed by a team of clinicians to facilitate communication between all parties in value-based care models.

  • 43% National Reduction in Post-Acute Care Costs
  • 27% Reduction in 90-Day Hospital Readmissions
  • 42% Reduction in Surgical Site Infections
  • $185 Million in Cost Savings

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"SMG realized early on they, and we, needed and all would benefit from a user friendly, comprehensive BPCI analytic and case management reporting tool. It didn’t exist; so they built it. They hit a home run with CareMosaic. We all know physicians need, want, rely on excellent reliable data. So do we."

Stefan Magura, CEO, Emerge Ortho