Case Management Software

case management softwareDesigned by case managers for case managers who are implementing value-based care models, transitional care, and episodic case management to perform less tasking and more time providing patient care.

User Flexibility

  • Web-based, HIPAA compliant platform
  • Intuitive, flexible, adaptable, built to follow individual case manager’s work flow
  • Ability to include and manage patient episodes from multiple value-based care models, such as ACOs, Medicare, and commercial bundled payments
  • Robust IT support and help system
  • Frequent and meaningful enhancements based on requests from users

Episodic Case Management Features

  • Customizable platform to include visual icons regarding important patient concerns, such as pending clearances and high-risk patient health conditions that exceed practice thresholds
  • Case Management Dashboard to quickly assess off plan patients, daily call schedule, and patient risk level based on pre-op risk assessment
  • Includes goal setting module, which allows case manager to manage and achieve patient goals throughout episode of care, such as smoking cessation, medical clearances, and prior level of function
  • Work flow template of care plan and/or care pathway auto-generated based individual physician protocols and patient need
  • Evaluate performance, post-acute care utilization, and re-admissions in real-time

Facilitates Care Coordination with All Providers 

  • Customizable patient list and care pathway to PDF export for physician and downstream provider communication
  • Integration with any EMR or PM system to share information
  • Single location to manage patient care plans, transitional care, and follow-up care needs throughout an episode
  • Automated patient-reported outcomes and CAHP surveys
  • Enhanced patient engagement and education tools 

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